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Struggling with an addiction can feel overwhelming, shameful and confusing. Entering recovery often means making life changes that can be difficult to do alone.   I believe that recovery is very possible given the right tools, willingness and support.  I am passionate about working with people who are struggling with addiction or are newly in recovery and want to maintain their sobriety.  I provide a safe, non judgmental space to explore your addiction, open yourself to change and learn how to live a full life in recovery.  

Some ways that I can help:

  • Learning how to identify triggers 

  • Moderating or stopping use

  • Developing coping skills

  • Learning how to navigate relationships in early recovery

  • Navigating life experiences in early recovery

  • Grieving drug of choice or lifestyle

  • Processing trauma from substance abuse

  • Treating co occurring depression, anxiety or trauma

  • Repairing relationships damaged by addiction

  • Increasing self esteem / identity

  • Processing shame

  • Providing education about addiction and treatment 

I also enjoy working with parents, partners and children of those who have a loved one who is struggling with addiction or in active recovery. 


Family Consultation Services:

Addiction is a family disease, it rarely effects just the person who is struggling.  I feel it is imperative for the family of those struggling with addiction to get their own support.  I offer Family Consultation as an alternative to family therapy for those people who are looking for a more education based approach. This is a short term service designed to provide education and clarity to families who have a loved one struggling with active addiction.  Family consulting is focused on education around addiction and treatment, how to hold boundaries, what to expect in early recovery, and help navigating resources.   Families are always welcome to engage in therapy services after the family consulting sessions are finished if they feel they need more support or space to process. 

Typical Outline for Consultation Program

  • Session 1:  Information Gathering Session 

  • Session 2: Psycho education around addiction and treatment

  • Session 3:  Boundaries and how to Detach with Love

  • Session 4: Self care and Treating Co Dependency

  • Session 5: Closing and Resources. 


Each session is designed to provide the family with space and freedom to ask questions and explore fears and concerns. 



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