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Happy Family

Welcoming a baby into your family can bring up a lot of complicated emotions.  Happiness, love, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion are all common feelings experienced by new parents.   If feelings of sadness and anxiety are persistent and lasting more then a few weeks it might be helpful to seek additional support.  Adjusting to your new life with baby can be challenging and the transition can feel more stable with professional guidance.  I hold a certificate in treating postpartum and perinatal issues and am a mom myself which helps me understand the challenges new parents face. 

Some ways that I can help:


  • Adjustment to baby / balancing life schedules

  • Re connecting to partner / maintaining connection

  •  Reducing feelings of sadness, overwhelm and anxiety 

  • Assessing/ treatment for postpartum anxiety and depression 

  • Managing expectations 

  • “Mom guilt”/ returning to work

  • Managing family roles

  • Co parenting 

  • Attachment and bonding

I welcome new parents to bring their infants with them to session as I know it can be difficult to leave them in the early months.  


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