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Equine Focused Therapy

 Equine focused therapy is a specialty offering by Katie Dolinsky, LMFT  geared toward those who have horses as an influential part of their life and would like to incorporate their horse into their therapy work, or enhance performance or connection with their horse. 

This service is a combination of sports performance coaching and equine psychotherapy and aims at providing a unique type of healing and support for those in the equestrian space.    

Animal brown horse

   Katie is trained in and practices Embodied Equine Psychotherapy™, which is an experiential, somatic and relational approach to working with clients and horses.  Equine therapy often allows for a deeper experiencing of emotion and can help inform and guide healing for a variety of concerns including anxiety, relationship issues, trauma and depression.  She  offers equine therapy for those clients who have their own horse and would like to include their horse in their healing work.  She is  also a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner and often uses brainspotting therapy to process and release trauma, stress and other subconscious experiences that may hinder your performance or connection to your horse.  

Typically equine sessions are 90 minutes  if traveling onsite to work with you and your horse for therapy.   Brainspotting or talk therapy sessions can be done at your home with horse present, in office or via telehealth. 

 Horses offer much insight as to who we are and who we can become; when we are ready to listen is when we begin to grow. 

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