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Our relationship with our partner is our primary attachment relationship as adults.  When this relationship is strained, it can take a toll on every aspect of our world.  I am trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Couples Therapy and use both of these modalities in my work with couples to decrease conflict, increase healthy communication skills and increase emotional connection.  I also have training around sexual health and intimacy.   I provide direct and honest feedback and provide skills you can begin using right away to see change.  I have helped couples through a variety of issues including infidelity/ affairs, substance abuse,  life changes ( baby/ children, job change, loss, etc), sexual concerns, communication issues, feelings of disconnection, and parenting style differences.  I can also help couples who are contemplating divorce and help them process and explore what un-coupling would be like.    

          Some ways that I can help:

  • Increase healthy communication

  • Decrease frequency and intensity of conflict

  • Process anger, resentments and past hurts

  • Build trust 

  • Increase feelings of connection and shared meaning

  • Co parenting issues

  • Address concerns around sexual intimacy

  • Increase sexual satisfaction and intimacy

  • Exploring non-monogamous relationship desires

  • Family conflict issues

  • Trauma

  • Family roles, shared responsibility in household

  • Life changes

  • Building life goals and dreams



Premarital Counseling and Marriage Check up

Premarital counseling can reduce divorce rates by 30%.  Prepare- Enrich is one of the most widely known premarital assessment and marriage check up tool used today and has research to back up its efficacy.  This 125 item questionnaire gets to the root of issues that couples typically struggle with and provides a foundation for addressing these issues before the big day.  


       Areas that are examined:

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Roles in relationship

  • Financial management

  • Expectations

  • Sexual relationship

After taking the initial assessment online and in the comfort of your own home, I will review the results with you and your partner.  If there are areas of concern you can choose to engage in additional sessions to increase compatibility. 

Please let me know you have questions about how this assessment could help your relationship!