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Our relationship with our partner is our primary attachment relationship as adults.  When this relationship is strained, it can take a toll on every aspect of our world.  Three Little Birds therapists take a relational approach and have specialized training in supporting couples, including Gottman and Emotionally Focused couples therapy.   We have helped couples through a variety of issues including infidelity/ affairs, substance abuse,  life changes ( baby/ children, job change, loss, etc), sexual concerns, communication issues, feelings of disconnection,  ethical non-monogomy and parenting style differences.  We can also help couples who are contemplating divorce and help them process and explore what un-coupling would be like.    

          Some ways that we can help:

  • Increase healthy communication

  • Decrease frequency and intensity of conflict

  • Process anger, resentments and past hurts

  • Build trust 

  • Increase feelings of connection and shared meaning

  • Co parenting issues

  • Address concerns around sexual intimacy

  • Increase sexual satisfaction and intimacy

  • Exploring or incorporating ethical non-monogamy 

  • Family conflict issues

  • Impact of trauma on relationship

  • Family roles, shared responsibility in household

  • Life changes

  • Building life goals and dreams


    Couples Intensives

Couples intensives offer an opportunity for couples to do a large chunk of repair and healing in a short period of time.   This type of therapy can accommodate couples where one or both partners travel frequently or have busy schedules and weekly therapy is not possible, or if the couple is in crisis after a relationally straining event.  Some couples choose to engage in an intensive and then continue with weekly therapy if they want/ need. 


  What the intensive is: 

We will start with a free, 15 minute phone consultation so you can learn more about the process and so that I can gather background information regarding what may be happening.  This will allow me to build a custom outline for our intensive and prepare any materials that may be needed.  You and your partner will also complete a questionnaire / assessment which will gather more in depth information and will be reviewed in session.   Intensives are typically two days long, 6 hours of therapy each day.  They can be done in person at my office, or via telehealth so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. 


What we hope you will gain from the intensive:

  • A greater understanding of the role family of origin plays in relationship

  • Greater awareness of how individual issues may be impacting relationship

  • Psycho-education around specific issues which may be negatively impacting relationship

  • Increased awareness of communication issues/ ways to increase healthy communication

  • Increased understanding of conflict resolution and repair skills

  • Process and unpack resentment, underlying hurts, grief, etc.

  • Increase feelings of compassion, empathy and connection

  • Customized plan to continue to rebuild / repair once intensive is over

  • Resources and outside supports as needed

Couples intensives are priced at $1,800 for two days and are typically done Friday- Saturday or Saturday- Sunday.

Please let me know you have questions about how this assessment could help your relationship! 

Couples Intensives
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