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Image by Lina Trochez

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Difficult life experiences can have a profound impact on our daily functioning, relationships and sense of self.  

 ART is an evidence based treatment that has been found to be effective for :

PTSD/ trauma




performance anxiety

poor self image/ low worth

co dependency


pain management

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) uses eye movements to help your brain process and re-store problematic memories and sensations.  The eye movements help your brain to make new connections and utilizes a persons natural strengths and problem solving abilities.  During an ART session you do not need to share details of your experience if you do not want to.  Your therapist guides you between scenes of your event and sensations that you experience.  Many people report relief from their symptoms in 1-3 sessions.  ART is an effective and safe treatment for children and adults. 

I am Certified in Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy through the International Society for Accelerated Resolution Therapy and am currently working toward Advanced Training.  To find out more about ART, please visit their website at:


Check out this video to learn more and see ART in action!



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