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About Us

Therapy focused on building and maintaining healthy relationships

Three Little Birds Therapy and Wellness was born out of the intention to  build a practice that focuses on relationships and the role they play in our mental and physical health.   Here, we believe that the relationship you have with yourself, others and the world around you plays an immensley important role in the quality of your life.  Our therapists are all attachment focused, trauma informed and inclusive.   We also have diverse backgrounds and training, allowing us to collaborate and provide clients with the best care possible. 


We are growing! 

We are currently in the process of hiring attachment based, trauma informed therapists to our team.  If you are interested in the work that we are doing, please feel free to contact Katie at with your resume and a brief letter explaining why you'd like to join our practice.    All our clinicians are 1099 contractors and based on a generous fee for service split model. 

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